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Spa Repair – Warning Signs To Pay Attention To

There are a few basic warning sign that indicates that you may have problems brewing with your spa. Here we are going to mention a few of them that seem to be most common.


The Human Factor – The Chemical Balance of you spa water

If you are aware the you haven’t regularly maintained the water chemistry in your spa or hot tub for an extended period of time
(we are not talking about a couple of day, but more a few weeks
to a few months), you have problems brewing. Guaranteed


Every spa owner have the best intention in maintaining their spa or hot tub per all kinds of instructions. But the reality is that we get so busy with life that we completely forget to do certain things. And maintaining a spa isn’t really up there on most people priority list.


Nevertheless. From the spas point of view, it needs to be maintained on a regular basis. If not, there will be problems related to water chemistry in the near future. The ones among our customers that need the least amount of repair work are those that are signed up for our maintenance programs. There is a monthly fee for that, but in the long run they do not need major repairs as often as customers that maintain the water themselves.


Again, it’s not that customers don’t know what to do. That’s not it. It just gets away from them. But a spa or hot tub, being a mechanical piece of equipment requires regular maintenance.



If you hear any noise or sound that seems out of the ordinary.
Call your specialist spa repair company for a service visit.

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